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Welcome Paul. Some advice, keep loaded DDS film holders in sealable plastic bags, at least before exposure, it makes a huge difference in preventing dust issues. I put a couple of holders in each bag.

Now use sealable bags for the film holders also added a 'lightweight' set of gear for when I need to get further away from the car. Horseman 45HD with three lenses (105mm Fujinon, Nikon 200mm, with a 135 Sironar-n in the folded camera). All contained with a cheap K&F concept bag from Amazon.Without the tripod comes to 5.4kg compared with the Arca set at 12.0kg.


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Over some years of carrying LF gear I have learned that the insert of a bag isn't that important - I can co everything I want, within my bag.
To me other things are of importance:
I don't want to feel like a wet fish so I don't want to have a bag directly connected with my rear.
I don't want so stress my rear, AND I don't want to stress my shoulders/neck. So I need a good carrying system.

Next I will try this one, where I can add bags with the MOLLE system, if needed:

If it will not work to me I will buy a Tatonka which I want do do since years, especially for my 12x126" camera:

For the 5x4 I use an old Lowe Pro, Pro Trekker. Plenty of room over to squeeze extras in. The 6x9 has a Nature Trekker AW 11. It can get past Ryanair boarding security as a carry on. I have a more modern Gitzo bag I use for the ETRSI and 35mm. Worse thing I paid for to carry anything in!
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Hey! I have the exact same bag. I bought it second hand.
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Well going through every other bag and playing Tetris for a few hours I finalised on this setup for now.
Its the biggest bag I currently own, made by Calumet back in the day.


At present if I wish to take any of my 35mm / digital / pinhole gear etc... that all needs to go in a seperate bag.
I may at some point look at a smaller setup for when I want to carry other cameras etc... all together but I am happy with this at present.
Having used it a few times now the setup is actually a doddle and I would argue quicker than trying to setup something like an intrepid.
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I've been using a cool bag for my DDS'. I can fit eight in there and the insulation is helpful if I have them in my topbox on the bike in warm weather.


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