Maybe The Return of Fuji Acros

Joanna Carter

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Oh please let it be true.

I remember when they announced the discontinuation of Velvia 50, which sent many a landscape photographer scrambling to buy a chest freezer to accommodate as much as they could lay their hands on. Followed by Fuji going "oh there is a demand for it after all". They reformulated the emulsion and released stocks Velvia 50 Mk 2, only to be greeted by a fairly deafening silence because most people had already bought up enough stock for the foreseeable future.

Admittedly, I am amongst those who stocked up on out of date Velvia Acros 100 (Quickload, of course), mainly because it was ¼ of the price of in date, which was way much more expensive than other makes.

Once again, Fuji seemed not to realise that their marketing and pricing strategies may well have been the cause of such massive swings, from demand for out of date film to no-one buying the brand new stuff.

Or at least that's my take on it :rolleyes:


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Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breadth or anything! ;) Personally, I stocked up on all the Acros I could afford from 120 rolls through 10x8 sheets just before it disappeared. The guy I buy from in Japan just received an order he placed early in the year so I got the chance to stock up on a "few" more pro-packs of 120. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I have enough now to hold me for many years to come! :)