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John Esco

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In my pursuit of discovering and trying different techniques to capture the light, yesterday I've tried, again, the historical process of tintypes. After few unsuccessful attempts, it seems I finally got some satisfactory images. There's obviously a ton more to learn. I'm really lucky to have access to books, online dedicated articles, and YT videos that are clearly utterly helpful but seems the "trial & fail" system suites best the learning process.

For all plates, I used 11x16 cm black aluminum sheets, cut to approx. 10.3 x 14.6 cm to fit my holder. I don't have a dedicated 5x4 plate holder, hence I use a Fuji Fujifilm PA-45 Polaroid Instant Film Back Holder.
The camera used is Toyo monorail 5x4 and a Schneider - Kreuznach Symmar-S, f/5.6, 180mm, wide open to f/5.6.
Two of the plates were shot in full sun, natural light, and only one under artificial, continuous studio lights (see picture description).

* full sunlight, 1-sec exposure

* full sunlight, 1 1/2 sec exposure

*studio continuous lights, 10 sec. exposure
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