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I am using up an old box of FP4 5x4 I had given but I was trying to find out how old it is roughly.

I am unable to locate anywhere on the box an expiry date.

One thing which is different to the ones you buy today is that each sheet of film is protected by a piece of paper so that could be a clue for anyone who may be able to put a rough date to it.

Ian Grant

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Ilford usedto have a date code stamped something like say C61, that would indicate manyfactured in march 1961, that went for all products. That's how I know the Phenidone I first bought was made or rather packaged then. Of course FP4 film wasn't available until 1968.

Every box of FP4 I@ve used has had an expiry date as well, this can be ost when a box is unsealed, I don't remember when the black inter-leaved paper was remove, I'g guess when Ilford changed to the sealed foil envelopes, prior to that it was in a paper wrapper.