fuji velvia and kodack

lewis phillips

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Hi all.

I am new to the format but want to concentrate on producing fine art colour slide and negative film.

Can I have some advice on good places to purchase both films as I am struggling to find velvia and provia.

Kind regards.


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This is one of the challenges you will find with large format photography.

This format never had the popularity of 35mm so choices of cameras/lenses/film/processing are all limited......and becoming more limited by the day.

Google is your friend as well as site sponsors.



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@lewis phillips I'm not sure what the situation is for buying oversees from the UK, but here in the US, Freestyle Photographic and B&H Photo both have reasonably large varieties of 5x4 in stock, at least most of the time. The issue, of course will be currency conversion, VAT, duty, and shipping costs, so it may not make sense.


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In the Velvia line, the ISO 50 film will be harder to find. The only places I know to get it nowadays is directly from Amazon Japan:

or, ordering from Kumar Brahmajosyula (uchinomishiharai@gmail.com. He is a frequent poster on the US Large Format Forum and PHOTRIO. I have ordered from both places in the past with no issues.

Kodak film should be available at most any photo dealer.