FS: Various Plate and Film Holders

Ian Grant

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2x 5x4 DDS Plate Holders £18

8x 5x4 DDS Film holders £10 each or £65 for all 8 - would prefer these go to someone just starting out in LF.

1x Kodak Half plate DDS "Plate" Holder £15

6x Kodak Half plateDDS "Film" Holders £10 each or £45 for all 6

6x Graflex Quarter plate DDS "Film" hoders, £8 eac or £40 for all 6.

All the above are modern International style.

6x Folmer Graflex Quarter Plate DDS "Film" Holders - These are the slotted type fit for a Graflex Reflex £5 each or £25 for all 6

Postage at cost.



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Well I wasn't quick enough on those slotted Graflex holders... Good luck with the rest of them.