First slide film developed at home :-)


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20170205_.jpg I made this one just after the B&W you saw a few days ago so sorry for the same location but it still looks so different I thought I might get away with posting it :D:rolleyes:

It was also made with my Speed Graphic and Aero Ektar but on Velvia 100 - the first time I used slide film ever.
I developed the slides at home using the Tetenal E6 3-bath kit and was surprised that it worked so well...I honestly did not expect to get anything from this experiment o_O.

I know many won't like the colour cast but I actually really love it as it makes the whole image kind of mono-duochromatic again ;). The colour cast is in this case caused by the lens. The rear glas has this reddish-brown hue - probably caused by the radioactive thorium which was used for those aerial lenses. Oh and no post-processing was done to this image!


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A really lovely image Isabel! Love the colour cast too, works really well for this scene.
I've yet to see how much colour cast I get from my Aero Ektar, tempted to give it a go after seeing this. :)


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This is a REALLY nice image made in, I believe, a late evening light, catching the warmth of the setting sun.