Epson ABW Print Layout Software


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One of the main issues using the ABW driver is that there is no live preview of how your image will look based on the changes you make with the driver settings. The only preview available is the image supplied by Greg Gorman. Although its a nice image, I always felt I would like to see the changes to my own image.

When Epson introduced the new P600 and P800 printers, they also made available some new software called Epson Print Layout. This software now has the facility to see the changes to your specific photograph.

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 13.34.50.jpg

Just after the software was launched, I compiled a small PDF ebook document outlining some of the features it contained.

The PDF is now available in the Resources section.

Joanna Carter

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Thanks Ian for the reminder that I already have this installed but hadn't looked closely enough at it. :rolleyes:

I thought it was just for layout handling and hadn't discovered the ABW management. It really is excellent to be able to "colour-match" my own images at a reasonable size instead of a tiny little preview of an unrelated image.

And, once I had figured out how to install the Photoshop plug-in, it meant I didn't have to bother converting to tiff myself to get the file into it.

Oh, and you might like to check p23 of your pdf - it talks about Luminosity Masking for Beginners:eek:

David M

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My page 23 seems to be different. Mine is about Neutrality.
Joanna's sounds much more interesting.
Is this epson-abw.pdf, with Whitby Abbey on the front page?
I've only used Print Layout for panoramas, using paper rolls, but I did see the ABW control. I assumed that it was a duplicate of the ordinary Print dialogue. Thank you for the extra information.
I was printing pictures from my iPhone, so not relevant on this forum.