Voigtlander Kontur 6x9 Viewfinder

Keith Haithwaite

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There's one in Turkey Martin but I think you've probably you've seen it.

The 6x9's seem to be as rare as rocking horse manure.:(

martin henson

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They are Keith and unfortunately, that reflects in the price, that's about as cheap as I have seen so far, thanks for the link, will keep looking hopefully one will turn up at a price I can afford

Ian Grant

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It's the same with the Voigtlander lens hoods of the same era, they can sell for £60-£70 on ebay. I picked one up in a junk/curio/antique shop in Wexford last year with a boxed 50mm enlarger lens for €5, (too large so not the hood for a 105mm lens).