The Chamonix 045N-2 5x4 Has Arrived


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I'd agree with Joanna. There's some great bargains to be had buying second hand particularly on Forums, so it's about knowing what cameras might suit you best for your style/type of work and waiting. With LF the reality is that the camera is less important as lenses of any vintage/make etc are on inter-changeable lens boards, the only issue is really coverage. While not all 5x4 cameras use the same lens boards the Linhof/Wista type are the most common with field cameras.

One camera I really like using is a Graflex Super Graphic, cost me just over £100 but it needed work/parts although was quite usable while I acquired them. I have a few LF camera but the Super Graphic is my most versatile because it's easy to use hand-held and has enough movements for my landscape work - so it gets quite a lot of use. I also have 3 MPPs - 2 MkIII (one in bits) and a MkVII, great cameras a bit heavier than my Super Graphic but more movements and they have triple extension bellows.

I've used a Wista 45DX for over 30 years, I bought it second hand in mint condition, Teamwork had sold it new and the first owner decided their offer when he went to trade it in was too low, so it was advertised in AP and I bought it. To be fair the then owner & founder of Teamwork (who died tragically young) suggested he'd get a better price selling privately and told me it might be advertised there :D

My Wista is a great camera but after heavy use is nearing the point of needing restoration, more cosmetic than functional, a Shen Hao is my choice replacement if I buy a brand new camera.

Joanna's strap line is Reassure yourself - stroke an Ebony" but she also says "which make and model of camera" and I'd emphasise "Model" as there's big differences in handling, that goes with Shen Hao and Chamonix, Ebony has ceased trading due to retirement :D

Wow, this is such an interesting information, thanks for sharing this with me! I also think that there are good tips here
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