The best mid range enlarger for split grade printing


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Many thanks for sharing this article, quite interesting.
I think after all and compared to scanning and digital printing it isn't that important wich one, the lease and your knowledge is what makes the print.

David M

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I seem to remember that it was relatively expensive. Very elegantly designed. As colour printing was relatively new for the ordinary domestic printer, I wonder if there was some misunderstanding and suspicion of the RGB system, versus the more common YMC one. The advice on colour printing in popular photographic magazines was largely based on YMC, and (if I remember rightly) mostly on using separate filters in a filter drawer or under the lens, rather than remotely dialled-in ones. Multigrade filter sets were yellow and magenta too. This enlarger may have been just a little too good for its own good. A pity.
Curiously, digital printing may have increased our knowledge of colour systems today.