Teme Aquaduct

Ian Grant

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Teme Aquaduct, Stourport -Leominster-Kington Canal
Wista 45DX 65mm Super Angulon, approx 1/15 f22, APX100 Rodinal £:100 Record Rapid ID-78 selenium toned.

I spotted a bridge on an OS map across the Teme in the middle of fields with just foot paths going to it, it was shown as larger than a foot bridge so I went to investigate. Virtually impossible to shoot all of it without an extreme wide angle lens.

Telling a friend about it he said it was on his land, I knew it wasn't so that sparked my interest to explore further and the seeds were laid for an exhibition "Lost Labours" about the abandoned canal which was first shown at the MAC in Birmingham. There is a second aqueduct on the River Rhea on my friends family's land.

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