Suter & AFR lenses for sale

Paul Kay

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Clear out time prior to moving house! Unlikely to use any of these in the near future so they may as well find a better home.

Suter Aplanat B Number 5 - 13” x 11” coverage and complete with flange, but no stops. This is an early Suter, probably from the 1880s lens with a low s/n 2126. Condition good for age with some optical blemishes but very usable, and with a tarnished body (patina!). Sold by Allen Bros - UK market. [Earliest known lens of this specification on the Large Format Photography forum - so quite a rare lens with excellent coverage]. - £200

Suter Aplanat C Number 3 - w/a with 18 x 24cm coverage, no flange, rotary stops. An early Suter lens probably from the 1880s with low s/n 1753 - condition excellent for age, clean glass, clean body. £150

A. F. R. Paris Anastigmat Symetrique 28cm f/6.3 Series A No 12 Lens No 157 - covers in excess of 12” x 8” wide open! Excellent condition and boxed(!) with caps. A. F. R. are a bit of a mystery but this lens seems to date to 1890-1908. Not many examples of this maker/importer known. It may be a British made lens though because the flange threads are similar to those found n other British lenses (RPS standard?)