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It has been over 30 years since I last touched a technical camera. It was at school and then internship. There I made a portrait of a 5-year old. There I learned the importance of telling a story, getting attention. Mesmerize.

Yesterday I bought some flowers and made studio shots with my Sinar Norma and one 180 WS Jinbei + soft box and a Nikon SB-800 to throw some light on the background.

Beth Gibbons on the background. I've always liked groovy music while I work.
Way too much light in my living. Need to find a solution for that.
Hell, the focusing glass is dark, hard to focus.

Measured the light with a flash meter. Got impossible results. Checked with my Nikon D300 as a 'polaroid back'. It looked like the measured f45 was way off and 1/125 and f22 more plausible. I'm shooting with 120 roll film Ilford FP4 Plus at 125 ISO.

In fact, except this negative, the whole film felt like being underexposed by at least 2 stops.

Bottom line?
Shooting with a technical camera is something I need to learn again. For now I am using a 120 film back giving me 8 images at 6x7
I cannot afford to experiment at 2 Euro per negative.

Sinar Norma with Rodenstock Sironar-N 210mm f5,6 MC and Toyo Rollfim Holder 69 for 120 and Ilfor FP4+ rated at 125 IO. Developed with Kodak TMax for 8' at 20°C.