Pyrocat HD B


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Ive notice my PyrocatHD B is starting to crystallise. Is this something I need to be concerned about or is it ok to keep giving a shake before I use it. Its 2 years old now.


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If you warm it up a bit, you may be able to get the crystals back into solution. Personally, though, I wouldn't trust it. Pcat is cheap enough to mix fresh often, IMO.

Ian Grant

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Just warm it slightly and any crystals will redissolve,. Potassium Carbonate solution will keep for quite a few years.


Keith Haithwaite

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I believe my Pyro is from the same batch as Ian's and I had a similar problem earlier this year when I inadvertently left it in my cold garage whilst I was reorganising my storage. Warming and agitating soon had the crystals back into solution. However, I did notice a quite a few specs of something floating around even after a few hours so I filtered it twice through the same coffee filter and the problem was resolved. The batch is still performing ok.