Philips PDT-024 Timer Question


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I have a Philips PDT-024 Timer for the enlarger which has some form of exposure sensor attached to it. Although it may only be a gimmick, I would like to try and get it to work but I have a question.


According to the manual, it says "Measure the Lightest" part of the negative ....

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 10.53.06.jpg

Does this mean, the Lightest part as seen on the base board (shadows in final print)?

Ian Grant

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I use one of those with my Durst M605, yes measure the shadow details lightest part of the negative that gives your Black exposure, it is possible to measure the contrast as well as the manual states by taking a highlight reading but it's decades since I've done that. You need to work out a factor for each type of paper ideally.

I found it worked quite well for determining paper grade.



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Brilliant - thank you very much. Have cobbled together something and will be using it to see how it helps. Thanks once again.