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Tom Everett

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Hi all
I am new to LF and have just purchased an Intrepid 5x4 camera and a S/H Fujinon 150mm lens. I have only had one short session with it which resulted in the expected errors, but got a couple of ok images out it, a 50% strike rate. It was the first time I had loaded film into film holders and also the first time in many years that I developed any film. I have a box of Arista Edu 100 Black and White film and a Stearman SP-445 developing tank. I used the stearman developer and fixer, but have bought some ilford chemicals for when they run out, but the tank and chems worked well I think. I don't have a darkroom so cannot do traditional prints (yet) unfortunately but have bought a S/H Epson 3200 scanner which has a 5x4 neg holder, which I will use to review and edit any photos before sending any off for printing, or posting. Its probably best for me to not post my first efforts on the B&W forum as they won't cut the mustard, but I will as my work improves (assuming it does!).
I have been a keen photographer for many years, but I have become disillusioned in the digital age and although I have plenty of film and digital cameras (135 and 120) I have longed to find the time to get into LF film photography. Anyway to cut a long story short I have been able to retire a little earlier than I expected and now have the time, and the camera. Just need to work on the technique now!
That's enough from me I am sure you will agree.
All the best

martin henson

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Welcome Tom, I no longer have a darkroom, dev my own negatives then scan workflow, getting some good results now but was a big learning curve


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Hi Tom,

Bit late but Hi anyway.

For myself my confidence to get into LF came from two places. Forums (especially this one :p) and a community darkroom with a couple of De Vere 5x4 enlargers, trays for processing, forced wash facilities and drying racks! :cool:

Like Martin H I plan to process negs myself but then I will support the shared darkroom space to make (hopefully) fine exhibition prints.

Where are you? Have you searched for a community darkroom?