NEW Chamonix F2 4x5: Unboxing

Ian Grant

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When I was in Calgary (Canada) about 18 months ago I had a play with my friends wife's Shen Hao, it's not so different, Like Ebony's, and Chamonix they are all rip off copies of Dick Phillips field cameras, he retired and was quite flattered.

If/when I retire my Wista 45DX I'll proably get a Shen Hao, unless I can get some good discount on a Chamonix, I have supplied shutter curtain material for Hugo Zang (the US distributor) when his 7x5 Portrait Graphic (SLR) was restored.

A friend in Turkey (originally from Leeds)had a Chamonix it just wasn't sharp when he used it for portraits. Turned out Chamonix started adding a fresnel but hadn't allowed for the shift in focus.