NEW 8x10" Film Processing Tank


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Following on from the amazing success of the Stearman Press 4x5" Film Processing System, the new 8x10" version is now available.

The SP-810 will process either 1 sheet of 8x10", 2 sheets of 5x7", 2 sheets of 4x10" or 4 sheets of 4x5"/9x12cm - all in just 500ml of solution.

Loaded in a darkroom or changing bag, the unit is used in daylight. The tray design enables easy rock/tilt agitation and quick filling and emptying of solutions.

Priced at around £180 including VAT, it is available in the UK and Ireland from stockists nationwide and from the distributor Morco Ltd.

For further details please see:


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@Morco I can see why you would want to tell people about the product and it will be useful for some members but in order to continue to use the forum for FREE advertising, how about sponsoring the forum in some way ?


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Seems like a useful product, but I'll wait for "real world" reviews. Having been a LF photographer for 40 years and never having success with any "tray rocking/tipping" film development process, I'll be very interested to hear reports on how even the development is.