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    In a previous post, Alan mentioned that he used a "posh shed" (shack for our friends across the pond) for his darkroom.

    This intrigued me and I wanted to know more especially how he maintained the temperature of his chemistry in both summer and winter so I asked in a conversation which he kindly replied to and gave permission for me to share it on the forum.

    From Alan...

    I develop film at the kitchen sink, having loaded it in a light-tight walk- in cupboard under the stairs. This is very convenient for me and minimises temperature control problems. My wife, bless her, puts up with this.

    I have a large 4 metre square shed in the garden ( a Baltic Chalet) which serves as a darkroom, painting studio and guitar making workshop. I also have another workshop which houses my woodwork machinery etc, so I don't generate a lot of dust in the chalet.

    It is 20 yards from a garden tap, and 0n the other side of a shared drive from the house, so I haven't plumbed water in.

    For darkroom purposes I take a full bucket of water in at the start of a session, and have a second bucket for waste. An electrically heated pad, sold for winemaking, keeps the print developer warm in cold weather, and the chalet heats up quickly in winter with an electric heater.

    Regarding heat, there are various options with a wooden shed. Mine has 1.5" thick wood walls. When the sun shines on these it quickly heats up inside. Good in Winter, but too hot in Summer with doors and windows shut , in "darkroom" mode. A well insulated shed would stay cooler in Summer, but not warm up so much on free sun heating in winter.

    I would suggest that if you only want somewhere to develop film you go for a small very well insulated structure, and plumb in running water and waste pipes, using cheap kitchen units etc.

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