Morning light by the Thames

Ian Grant

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Lovely. I used to visit the UK regularly on business but have not been back for some years. I'd be grateful if someone could email me some Wadworth 6X or Bombardier ;)
Jeez we've moved on in a big way, they were well still are good beers but there's far better from micro brweries these days.

Proper Job is one of the best from a conventional brewery, and if to Pale Tribute from same brewwery in St Austel in Cornwall. Tmothy Taylor 's Landlord always goes down well.1608579573358.png

My favourite is from a Gornal, Black Country, brewery Fownes, Elephant Rider. I'd add that the way they speak in Gornal is the closest to Anglo Saxon English and the accent is very strong and difficult to understand plus they use word long gone elsewhere. I went into my local and asked for a pint of Mahut, the newish barman looked puzzled so I asked again, a Mahut is an Elephant Rider I had to explain :D

The photo was celebrating the camera's restoration :D a Proper Job is a Cornish phrase for a Job Well Done :)



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I'm sure that what you say is true, but I have a fondness for low alcohol/low carbonation English bitter. I find IPAs - at least the ones made here in the US - to be excessively hoppy and far too much alcohol for my tastes. I want to taste the brew, not see snakes.
In any case, the only thing I can get here these days is Hobgobblin ... which ain't half bad.