morning and hello


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Morning everyone,

Im James, based in Worcester in the midlands.

I've shot digital for a good couple of years now, and was losing interest a little, so I surfed the net for a while and got my hands on a 4x5 tower press, and am diving head first into large format.

looking forward to boring you all with endless queries, hope to upload my first every shot soon (just waiting for my developing kit to arrive).

thanks :)


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Welcome James!

We won't hold the d*l period against you, just don't mention it too often :)

You've tapped into a great resource here.


Ian Grant

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Welcome from just up the road literally :D Feel free to get in contact if you need any help/advice and you're welcome to pop over.

I'll be organising a small LF get together for next month.



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Thanks for the messages :)

Happy to attend any meets just let me know when

I've spent the last hour cleaning up the press