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Early afternoon after observing the first 'pick-up hockey game of the season when while walking "He with four legs and tail" around the nearby park. After the 'clearing the area' using hand-held snow shovels'. I returned with my camera (and tripod) to record to FP4 film behind the 150mm Rodenstock, Two 'types of winter recreation. In the distant edge there were two 'older' fellas with fishing lines down through a hole in the ice'... "Ice fishing"...now a popular across Canada in winter (which is most often done with a set-up tent with a small propane heater to prevent freezing to death.
Exposure was made from a spot meter reading of the 'white' to Zone 8+1/3 from the 'white' on the rear of the jacket of the one of the figures (rather than of the snow since I was not likely going to get any texture from the wind-blown snow. FP4 behind my 150mm Rodendock...and developed (after evening meal) with Pyracat HD in BTZS tubes.