Kodak XTOL Replenished Question


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I am just about to develop some Acros 120 Roll Film in some XTOL which I use as replenished.

I first mixed the working solution in Jan 2017 and have been adding around 70ml of fresh developer for every 4 sheets of film or 1 roll of film.

I recall reading somewhere that when using XTOL replenished, it acts more like 1+2 than stock. Looking at the Dev chart, there is quite a jump in times between Stock and 1+2. Can anyone confirm whether I should be using times for Stock or maybe 1+2 ?

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.33.38.jpg

Ian Grant

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1+2 is much more dilute hence the longer time, Replenished is at Full Strength although there's very slight dilution due to use but this stays stable due to the addition of the fresh Xtol is used as the replenisher.

The comparison of Replenished Xtol (or D76/ID-11 etc) to the developer used 1+2 is in terms of the similarities in tonal range and sharpness, however grain is finer with replenished stock.