Jobo ATL 1500 film processor

Robin Brigham

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Hi All

I have a Job ATL-1500 for sale as I do not use it any longer
I have tested it recently and its working as it should
perfect compact film processor for E6,C41 and B/W
collection from South London
looking for £1500


Joanna Carter

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Would you be willing to post to Ireland?
I have one and wouldn't like to be the postie to put it in my bag :cool:

Seriously though, it's large, heavy but also quite fragile. When we moved to France, our removal firm managed to break one of the inlet connections. You'd need a very trustworthy courier.

James Drew

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Hey Robin,

Sorry about the delay in replying. I've been asking around to see if I anyone would be able to collect it but with no luck. Ill keep an eye out for one a bit closer to home. Good luck with the sale. Whoever gets it is getting a great piece of kit.