In the back GARDEN


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There’s a worm (oops) two.. count 'em!! TWO... Gnomes at the bottom of my garden (but they’re not called “Wiggly” and “Woo”)

I just 'found' this negative in a film holder I was about to 're-load.....last Friday evening... but was not sure if it had been 'exposed'.. but quickly decided discretion would be the better part of valour and replaced the darkslide.. got my Pyrocat HD and 'water-bath' ready.... extracted the film and slipped it into a 'tube' and 'did 'what was requirede. I had (obviously) forgotten that i had 'made this exposure and/or 'recorded' the exposure information... but I do remember it was in September but 'knew' it would have been "appropriate" (using an incident light reading) . IF my memory is 'correct', it was exposed using my 240mm on the Linhof atop my wooden tripod with the legs 'splayed' completely out in order to get 'low enough' but I still had to 'raise' the back a little for a better composition. I have no 'memory' of the exposure details. (My bad!!)