Horseman 5" x 4" Monorail for sale

Paul Kay

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I need to clear some unused stuff out! Offers on this one (may do a trade even). I can't remember the model (LX???) but it has geared adjustments and is quite a 'late' model I think. This camera is complete with its very solid carry case, an additional standard, wide angle and standard bellows, and two lens panels. Its a pretty versatile camera. I will throw in a Hasselblad adapter (Kaptur Group) which needs modifying with some DIY to make it fit and I have a Schneider 150mm which can be purchased as well if wanted (Copal 0.0). PM me for further information - I'm in North Wales but could meet up Chester way if needed - far too heavy to ship at a sensible price. (Even getting rid of this one means that I will still have too many Large Format cameras - 6!).