Ground Glass Brightness

Ian Grant

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If I put my Fresnel behind it, I would say its marital brighter but I am not sure if its designed to be used with a Fresnel
I think you mean marginal, one hopes a GG screen and fresnel doesn't brighten your marriage:D

It's the camera back and in particular the Ground glass frame holder that differs when meant for a fresnel screen under the GG (lens side). Incorrect fitting causes a focus shift, if the back was designed for just a GG screen a Fresnel goes on the rear (eye side).

The Kodak screens aren't very bright, I think Keith said you both meet up occasionally ask him if you can try his new spare screen :D It's nice and bright.



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Unless you're using a fresnel, Maxwell screen, or other third-party brightscreen, the view on a standard groundglass can be quite dim; especially when shooting in dim locations such as a church interior. Some standard screens are better than others...the Kodak screen Ken mentioned, the old Satin Snow glass, Steve Hopf's glass, etc. And, the wider you go with the lens, generally, the dimmer the view. A couple of tricks that might work for you, especially when shooting in locations where the subject matter is relatively close at hand: 1) use a torch to light areas of the scene, if possible, and 2) use a laser-style pointer and place the dot where you expect the sharpest focus and focus the camera on that point of light.