Greetings from the Netherlands

Mariette Kapitein

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Hi, my name is Mariette Kapitein, and started LF photography about 2 years ago when I was offered to buy a Sinar P2 4x5 for a fair price. I have had camera's and photographed my whole life, I changed from analog to digital a couple of years ago, and with the purchase of the Sinar got the analog virus again. I own a small studio in the Netherlands, and have just completed building a new darkroom. I am a member of a dutch analog forum, but there are not that many large format enthousiasts. I recently attended a workshop "paper negative" with the use of n old Petzval lens. I am so thrilled with the results. This is what I would like to achieve: beautiful portraits.
Now I also bought an 8x10 from the Intrepid company through the Kickstarted project. Cannot wait for it to arrive.