Great Learning Day, Thanks Ian!

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    Hi All,

    Just had a great learning experience with Ian B at Cusworth Hall, Doncaster. Some of the errors I've made embarrassed me but Ian took them in his stride as part of the wonderful world of LF learning. :rolleyes:

    After arriving (late) at the Hall I set up and learned a heck of a lot about how an MPP works, how a Gossen luna 3 works, how the Zone System works, now Beyond The Zone System works... You get the picture (no pun intended :rolleyes:).

    What was wonderful at the time was the enthusiasm of Elliot, a guy out for a walk with his family at this beauty spot AND A FELLOW MPP USER! In Donny, at any given time, odds on 2 MPP owners... :cool: We had a great chat and hopefully he will see the forum and contribute: I was able to get tips on aspects of my MPP operation: thanks Elliot!

    Back to Ian's house to learn the processing of the sheets (2) and of course get immediate feedback on the exposure choices. Whew! What a lot of learning again, thankfully some of the decades old film processing memories came back and I was able to extract the sheets from the dark slides and spring into the MOD54 and process, following Ian's carefully documented practice.

    So.... Roll of the drums??? Success! Lovely big negs with lots of shadow detail, still drying at Ian's, I am looking forwards to seeing the results when they are mailed to me.

    If anyone is starting out I commend the instruction from Ian, lots and lots cheaper than "burning" film, chemicals and enthusiasm making the silly mistakes I made on my initial outing last week... :oops:

    If you want to scan 'em and post the images I made I would be happy to fess up my experiences to help others Ian!


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