Fotospeed FX30 Odourless Fixer 5 litres


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Has anyone any experience with the Fotospeed FX30 Odourless Fixer 5 litres for use with developing film and fixing prints.

I am undecided whether to buy this one as its cheaper than the Ilford Rapid Fixer


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No but I have used FX 40 alkaline fix which has a long shelf life having no acid in it, it does not deteriorate.

Alan Clark

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Ian, I use FX30 for films and paper and it is very good stuff. I always used to use Ilford Rapid fixer, but had real problems with a 5 litre bottle of indeterminate age - I was given it - which precipitated out. I didn't realise the problem because the container was opaque. I kept getting deposits on my negatives. I blamed my tapwater, and tried filtering it. I tried de-ionised water, cheap bottled water, expensive bottled water, but still had the problem. Then the penny dropped. It was the fixer. It had solid bits in it. I switched to Fotospeed FX30 - I had been given a 5 litre bottle of this as well, so it too was a bit long in the tooth. But it was still clear as a bell and worked perfectly. No more specks on my negatives. That was some time ago. The original batch is nearly gone now, but still working perfectly. When it runs out I will buy more FX30, and definitely not Ilford Rapid Fixer.