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    Work of the day ; 90 years birthday of my wife grandfather.

    Kodak 2D 8x10 inch, Bergger Pancro 400 developped with Berspeed chemistry.
    print scan ; contact print RC Ilford MG IV, Durst laborator 1000 cold light head, 150mm schneider f8 1/2, Ilford 1 1/2 contrast filter

    [​IMG]papy_02 by Mathieu Bauwens, sur Flickr

    straight print, too light for my taste (5 1/2 sec), I'll double the general time, contrast seems good to my eye, I'll add some more light to the background, the arms of his shirt and the back of his wife, like this ;
    [​IMG]papy_02b by Mathieu Bauwens, sur Flickr

    The final print ;
    [​IMG]papy_02t by Mathieu Bauwens, sur Flickr

    I like to print a bit more dark. this is, for me, a good starting point to translate something on baryta paper.

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