Do You Scan & Print or Darkroom Print

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    After some re-reading throughout these few pages, may I offer some recommended reading for those who might be interested in a number of the archaic non-silver printing processes that you might be willing to explore... and with which they might be willing to try. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now much prefer to 'invest' both in my 'un-dark' darkroom' time.. and limited funds, to work more in the non-silver processes.

    A number of years ago, after gleaning some of the basic information on the "How-to's" on-line I decided to invest in a (somewhat) expensive tome by Christopher James after the local library decided that there being be an extremely small readership population, it might be better if I were to purchase my own copy.

    (Christopher James' Alternative Photographic Processes. ISBN-13: 978-1-4180-7372-5)...) but there has been an updated 'issue' since this first graced my bookshelf. (2nd edition has some 600 pages of great reading).

    Many practitioners have come to regard this book as "THE" book if you decide to enter into the foray... and have to admit that I have to agree with their recommendation. This book has allowed me to enjoy and explore and greatly expand my photographic 'print' options using that portion of the light spectrum without direct sunlight. While these processes are MUCH slower than current silver-gelatin print emulsions, I feel the time, effort and results are still well worth the investment.


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