Cloth or braided cover mechanical cable release

Keith Haithwaite

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The last of my decades-old cloth covered cable releases has finally given it's all and expired so I am in the market for one, or preferably two, more. If any of you kind folk out there that has one they want to move please let me know either here or via a PM.

Thanks for looking.

Keith Haithwaite

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Thanks Joanne: Ian. PM me when you've sorted something out Ian and we'll sort out the finances.

I've tries those horrible stiff plastic covered ones and frankly I'd rather poke the shutter release with a stick. :mad:

Late edit:

I should have taken the hint last week when I was photographing the inside of a church. I'd just released the B lock on the cable release when the little chrome button you stick your thumb on leapt off and scuttled somewhere under a long line of pews - no chance of finding that I'm afraid. Perhaps it will come to light in a couple of hundred years time and someone will wonder what the heck it is. :)
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I managed to lose the thumb button from one of my releases in a loch.

I had a shot lined up and i saw something glinting under the water out of the corner of my eye.

I went to investigate and picked it up, thinking "that looks like the button of my cable release".......not realising it was from my cable release :)

Still using the same release after some judicious use of thread-locking compound!


David M

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I replaced my lost button with some two-part epoxy putty. I moulded a small ball and pushed it gently onto the exposed end. It's more comfortable than the original.


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I've used plastic covered releases from Gebr. Schreck in Germany, but they do braided steel as well.

Unfortunately, the English part of their site is down for maintenance at the moment, but Google Translate comes to our aid.

They can do releases in cloth, though they're not a normal production item.