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I have a Dallmeyer 4¼" f6.3 - 11 WA sold by Kodak Ltd in the Kodak Specialist 2 Half Plate kit. f6.3 is for focussing only it's designed to be used between f11 and f45. It's a nice little coated lens.


The issue is it's in a recessed lens board and it just focusses ti Infinity on the camera. Kodak sold it without a shutter and there's no recommendations on how to use it in the camera manual (which I have in the kit/case), and while it's a tiny lens adding a Compur or similar shutter would prevent Infinity focus, unless I made an even deeper sunken lens board.

I was given this Packard Ideal 6 shutter last week but it's a 2" diameter opening and too large which is disappointing as they are easy to use.


I do have another 4 or 5 feet of tubing and connectors. Ideally these shutters are used behind the lens, this is a 6 so has a pin for Instantaneous exposure rather than just B but it won;t pass through the front standard/ I could make a Norka style shutter but they are slow and lazy (barn door type shutter).

Because it's a recessed lens board as well as WA lens a normal TP roller blind shutter isn't really feasible, however a very large one would be practical.


That's a large compared to the very common range of smaller TP and clone shutte's.

I have two other options a #3 Compund with flash sync, it has no internal threads for a rear cell or aperture scale so was made for a front mounted lens, it's would possible vignette. I laso have a large Gitzo studio shutter, single speed with flash sync.


The shutter's been stripped and the blade cleaned since the photo. It's gross over kill but I can't see any other option except make a new recessed lens board that will couple with the Gitzo or one of my large TP shutters.

This one shown before restoration (above) would be my choice, I use it with my 12"x10" camera, also on my 10x8 Agfa Ansco's


It's a touch frustrating that my newest Half plate (7x5) camera the Kodak Specialist 2 (mine's from the early 50's) can't really handle WA lenses. Where as my 3 7x5 Seneca's and all my British field cameras would be fine. and have no issues.

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Do you have a particular project for this lens or is this a labour of love?
A bit of both, I'd like to be able to use a WA lens with the Kodak Specialist 2, I have a project in mind. Ideally I'd like to use one of my 90mm WA lenses a Grandagon N or Super Angulon and on a Wista/Linhof lens board but I'm half an inch away from Infinity focus so would need to make a dedicated recessed board. I'm working inside buildings so want as wide an angle lens as possible.

The issues are the Specialist 2 lens board is 4.5" square and the opening in the front standard is restricted to 4" so not much room for a recessed lens board to take the 90mm f5.6 SA. The Dallmeyer WA is 4¼" approx 108mm so a bit wider tahn my other options a 120mm f6.8 Angulon or a 120mm f6.8 Dagor both of which allow Infinity focus but zero movements as the bellows are fully compressed, there's a lot of bellows as the cameras have triple extension.

Short term fitting either the Gitzo or a large TP shutter seems the easiest option. I have a parts 7x5 Seneca City View and I'm adapting the front to take Wista/Linhof lens boards, I've modified a spare 7x5/Half plate back to fit but need some fittings which are not easy to find in the UK. I'll probably have to make the parts myself.


The beauty of the City View is the front rail is split to allow front shift, it can also be taken off making a very practical WA camera.