Chamonix 4x5 FOR SALE


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I'm selling my 5x4 Chamonix 045F-1. It is a beautiful camera. I bought this new in 2015, directly from the Chamonix Studio, a small workshop of eight craftsmen, which you can read a bit more about here:

I'm selling with regret because I've used it so rarely. It's in mint condition and has been cared for meticulously.

I paid €1700 new for camera and accessories. Can include receipt. I'm asking €1250, because it's been used so little. Happy to split shipping costs.

  • 45F1 camera in teak and carbon fibre with Fresnel lens
  • CF Linhof lens board #0 (x 2)
  • film holder, wooden (x 5)
  • extension board
  • folding viewer
  • leather jacket
I've joined the forum especially to share the listing. I would like to see the camera go to a good home. If there isn't any interest in a couple of days, I'll list on eBay.

Thanks for taking a look and please pm me with any questions.