Advise Sinar Six Exposure Meter with Probe


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Still looking for a good light meter and I found on eBay a Sinar Six Exposure Meter with Probe.
What do you think about this device?


James T

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Depends a lot on how you plan to use it. I think that by the time you've factored in postage & VAT, that would be quite expensive for what it is.
That said, I did get my spot meter from the US, because at the time the only ones I could see in the UK were the types that use mercury batteries.

If you are looking for a spot meter then this might be a possibility

Ian Grant

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I think I'd go for a Lunasix, Profisix (same meter uS and EU names) very reliable have spot attachment vailable and take PP9 batteies, can be quite inexpensive here in the UK/ I have the F flash version as well which is very useful.

Personaly I wouldn't spend that much on a meter back as it's ultimately less versatlie.



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When 'working' I had the opportunity of using the lightmeter 'probe' with a Sinar F2, It was a pleasure to use both in the studio and 'out in the field'. If I were years younger and in need of a new large format camera, my first choice would (again) be a Sinar... the 'off axis' swings/tilts are a 'joy' to behold...."REALLY nice and easy" to use both in the studio as well as 'out in the field for 'spot meter readings' right at the film plane.