A Journey Begins

John Bardell

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Hi all,

I'm John from Sydney, Australia and have just purchased my first LF kit, a Stenopeika 4x5 X camera and 150mm Schneider f5.6 lens. I've had a bit of experience with 35mm and medium format (Holga) developing b&w film. I'm also into Alt procesess such as VDB, cyanotype, gum dichromate etc. I see my upcoming 4x5 journey as whole new experience and am looking forward to learning a lot.

Anyone else on the forum from Australia??


Stephen Batey

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Welcome to the forum John. Was it your interest in alt processes that moved you to large format?
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Ian Grant

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Van Diemen's Land Brown :D

Have fun, we nearly all have relatives down under. I have a cousin there. a niece born there, my Turkish wife has cousins who lived or were born there.



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Welcome, John! I'm sure you'll enjoy the LF experience, but don't forget you can generate digital negs from your smaller format work and print using alt processes.