70 year old film

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Does anyone else use expired film?
I’ve just made a test negative of expired Kodak Super-xx half plate film. I’m guessing that it could be up to 70 years old due to reference on the box to the war-time packaging. Apparently this was made in sheet form from around 1940 until 1992.
From information I’ve managed to find, the original ASA would have been equivalent to approx 100, and was later changed to 200. I did some test exposures and settled on 16 ASA for this shot.
I scanned the negative with no digital adjustments other than the scanners default sharpening, and apart from a little dark mottling and the slightly darkened edges (which I quite like), I was surprised how good the result was considering the age. I really like the overall vintage effect, and at £0.30p/sheet I thought was good value.

Tray development was in Ilfotec DD-X @ 1+4 for 7 minutes with constant agitation.
Camera: Toyo Field half-plate.
Film: Kodak Super-xx (expired).
Lens: Fujinon 135mm @ f22 for 1/8 sec.
ASA: 16
Super-xx test.jpg


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I used some 2.5x3.5" plates last year with some success. The edges seem to suffer fogging first, hence the darkening. You also find the mottling, but sometimes it just adds to the vintage vibe. When I was in my 20's, and still living at my parents house, my father acquired a large quantity of plates and paper from a relative of a professional photographer. He had been active in the '20s and '30s. I used quite a bit of the paper, and some worked well. I tried to use the plates, but didn't have a suitable camera. Eventually, they were thrown out, around the time I moved out. That was all before the time of eBay, and the current interest in traditional photography. I wish I could turn the clock back!! Good luck with your experiments,

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