5x4 DDS (film holders) storage

Ian Grant

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Just a heads up for the "3 Litre Really Useful Box", from Really Useful Products, I have a few of these and they will hold up to a dozen DDS (film holders). The actual number depends on the make as they aren't all the same thickness. I use one to carry DDS in my backpack.

I have another for my 7x5 DDS for darkroom storage, and then various others from small to large, although British made they sell worldwide. I've used a lot of plastic storage boxes over the years and most gae go brittle, I've only just realised that I bought my first Really Useful Box around 15 years ago and no aging as good as new.

Homebase currentlyb have an offer of 7 boxes for £20 mixed sizes one of these is included.


Alan Clark

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I use padded envelopes. One size just takes a 5x4 filmholder. And a bigger size takes a 5x7. No weight, and the internal bubble padding gives a lot of protection.
And I also use an elastic band on each holder, to stop the dark slides from being accidentally pulled out.
As an extra precaution I always insert the filmholder darkslide with handles down in the padded envelope, so I don't accidently pull a darkslide out when pulling the filmholder out of the envelope. Not that I have ever done this in the past you understand....