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    Cookie issues

    Well... I've been using Firefox as my 'browser of choice' for years and I have never encountered any 'problems' on any of the web sites I 'visit'.. and I usually 'decline' cookies as much as possible Ken
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    Alternative Print processes

    Ian.. I cannnot remember (off-hand)if I had offred you the 'plans' and 'wiring" that Eepjohn (Spp ??) had on his website diagram as an 'alternative to 'paying the big bucks' for him to build and ship over to Europe. The plans then 'disappeared' because those of us unable to pay the big $$...
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    Ian, Should you be in more 'need' of Pyrocat HD development info, might I direct you to Dr Sandy King's web site to get 'more' info on development "times" and 'curves' that may provide some more 'in-depth' information than I have at my 'finger-tips' or memory under the 'thick' skull. I have...
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    Alternative Print processes

    I will forward some "quickie' digitals of my 'home made' printing frame as well as the light box ... but I think it might be more 'juducious' to send direct to your e-mail to 'save space on '5x4. The reason I'm now using Pictorico 'film' (on the 'frosted' side) is due to my having ruined a...
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    Keith There is the best of all 'alt photo process' books in my darkroom 'shelf' that I have recommended to a fair number of those who have always felt the 'need' to give them a 'GOOD' try. May I recommend "The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes by Christopher James, IBSN...
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    We'll 'all' call you Roy.. but I promise not to call you 'late' for a glass of my home made wine/coffee/tea as long as you are within 'shouting' range... 8-) Ken
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    Alternative Print processes

    Ian.. I have a copy of the plans that Eepjohn (Spp??) had for the units he was trying to market a number of years ago at a price not that many of us could afford.... so Ibuilt my own If you would like a 'set' of the plans, I'd be happy to 'share' them (as I have already done for 'other folks...
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    Alternative Print processes

    Ian... I used the term 'archaic' as opposed to non-silver prints (Circa 1840-ish... Sir John Herschel's 'time') since I believe some of the early print 'emulsions' used and... as of today, do have some silver salts in the formula. Ken
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    Alternative Print processes

    Out of sheer curiosity... I have been wondering if there is anyone else on this 'list' who makes prints using what is now termed the "archaic photographic print processes' that require the shorter UV wavelengths of the spectrum for exposing the image... often termed the 'printing-out processes...
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    Trees 3

    The bridge over the canal behind the school across the road from our house a five minute walk to the west. A week ago... after a week or so days of somewhat 'dreich' spring weather, mother Nature decided to take one more "kick at the can" to remind us that 'spring' was not quite ready to...
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    This is a scan from a 'back-up' exposure on the second sheet of FP4 for my "portals" series for a Uni. class the first was 'tray' processed as 'normal' in PMK that negative proved almost impossible to scan "nicely". This.. the 2nd exposure developed 'beutifully' in Pyrocat HD after a few early...
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    The South east corner of the same old and long-abandoned farmhouse on southern Alberta Prairie. A somewhat difficult image to which one may apply a title.. since it is but a small part of the whole. I have, however, decided on the somewhat anonymous title of south east corner" with Ilford FP4...
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    Advice on LF cameras

    OOPS.. the 480 is NOT a wide angle for the 8x10 .. My 250 is the semi-WA on the 8x10 B&J That being 'corrected' I think it might be just the time to go and have my 'after-lunch' nap to 'clear up' my brain cells... or what is left of them Ken
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    Advice on LF cameras

    Ian.. My is bad.. memory wise that is. Just went down to the darkroom to 're-look' at that Apo Ronar. Turns out it is 'actually' a 480mm.. It is currently mounted on a plywood "mount' for use as a nice WA with my 8x10 B&J 'woodie...(I can forward a Q&D iphone image)'then I was somewhat...
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    Advice on LF cameras

    Ian I have a 400mm Apo-Ronar that I 'salvaged/saved' from off the big graphics unit at the University when they went 'all digital'. (They were going to put it in the garbage) I keep looking for a decent front mounted shutter to 'replace' the hand-held "black hat' that I used under the watchful...
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    Advice on LF cameras

    Coming in somewhat 'late' The greatest/best reason for using the rear standard on monorail since Subject to Lens distance has an effect on 'magnification' hence focusing using the rear standard keeps the subject to lens 'stationary' Ken
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    Advice on LF cameras

    After my official "retirement" invested in a new Linhof Technica since I was quite familiar with that model which I had used every day when I was a 'working' photographer... but only until we 'upgraded' to a Sinar F2 which I (personally) found to be much more 'versatile'...(and the off-axis...
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    Let the Games begin

    Diz, I may have been rather too 'quick' to declare the arrival of spring. As I sit (hunting and pecking at the table I just noticed some large 'fluffy' stuff falling somewhat 'gently' out the corner of my eye... a lot 'larger and fluffier' that was obvious when taking the dog out for his (read...
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    Increasing Negative Contrast

    David, My apologies for not 'replying' sooner, but today is the first time "I've been 'back' reading other's comments. Placing the 'white with texture' on ZVlll+1/3 'allows' me to 'let the lower end 'fall wherever it may be"...I there's no 'white with texture I use my smal patch of white...