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  1. Ian Grant

    Parts MPP Micro Technical MkIII

    Back in 2016 I found a cheap Micro Technical MkIII on ebay for £70 the bonus was it also came with a parts camera, almost completely disassembled. As far as I could see all that was missing was the back. I bought a cheap MkVII with a lens a few weeks later with issues but raided the parts box...
  2. Ian Grant

    MPP Micro-Technical 5x4 help please!

    It's entirely your fault Robert - starting this thread :) I've now rebuilt the parts MkIII, after first stripping off the old covering, it's now re-covered in a deep navy blue and looks great :D Ian
  3. Ian Grant

    Lens Flange

    What camera and what lens ? I quite frequently make lens boards and also have a box of flanges. Ian
  4. Ian Grant


    Welcome. Ian
  5. Ian Grant

    MPP Micro-Technical 5x4 help please!

    I've just looked at a MkIII that came in parts largely disassembled witha complete MkIII not bad for £70. I have found it's easy to take the rear track bits apart and reassemble, I've done it with the MkIIII & MkVII and it takes a few seconds when you know how. You'll realise how you've done...
  6. Ian Grant

    MPP Micro-Technical 5x4 help please!

    Hi Robert and welcome. I can't understand quite what you mean I have a MkVII in front of me so photos will help. Ian
  7. Ian Grant

    Interdimensional portal.

    Interesting technique, well done. Ian
  8. Ian Grant

    multiple (fragmented) exposures

    It may well have been a 180mm not a 150mm Symmar, it's 30+ years since I saw John with his MPP but it rings s bell that it was slightly long normal lens. That's what I was think, it happens with some camera/lens board combinations. Ian
  9. Ian Grant

    multiple (fragmented) exposures

    All John's early multiple exposure work was done with an MPP MicroTechnical MkVII and I think a 150mm Symmar in a normal Comput or Copal shutter. He might have changed camera etc in more recent years. It's a technique I've used a few times often using a combination of more than one shutter...
  10. Ian Grant


    Welcome from an hour up the road :D Ian
  11. Ian Grant

    Gandolfi Tailboard

    Reminds me I have an Underwood tail board Quarter plate camera. . . . . . . It's now stripped down. brass work cleaned needing a polish, wood work is partially restored just needs French polishing and new bellows :D Then perhaps it's time to restore my early Louis Gandolfi half plate...
  12. Ian Grant

    Voigtlander Kontur 6x9 Viewfinder

    It's the same with the Voigtlander lens hoods of the same era, they can sell for £60-£70 on ebay. I picked one up in a junk/curio/antique shop in Wexford last year with a boxed 50mm enlarger lens for €5, (too large so not the hood for a 105mm lens). Ian
  13. Ian Grant


    Another excellent shot, I like HP5 although it's not my main film I prefer slower (Delta 100) as I like longer exposures for landscapes, but it's better choice here for a portrait. Ian
  14. Ian Grant

    Bw film stores in the uk

    These days I use Process Supplies in London by mail order. Where are you visiting here in the UK ? Ian
  15. Ian Grant

    Bw film stores in the uk

    Freestyle or B&H in the US are the cheapest for film to Australia, their prices are significantly lower than any European supplier.. Ian
  16. Ian Grant

    Alternative Print processes

    Anything's useful Ken. A friend in Turkey had a home made contact print exposure box which worked extremely well he'd downloaded the plans & wiring diagrams etc. We lost touch and he's not been online on any forums for over 8 years he also had health,issues. Ian
  17. Ian Grant


    The light trap is in the lid on the colour print tanks so they don't have a column. Ian
  18. Ian Grant


    I,have a couple of older Paterson colour print tanks these are essentially System 4 tanks with a piece glued to the base and a different top & no center column, they sit in a cradle for hand rotation. They'd be uneconomic for 5x4 as they are based on the larger tanks and don't allow inversion...
  19. Ian Grant


    I've used all the tanks etc I mention with no issues, I should add I've also used deep tanks where sheet films sit in individual hangars (many thousands of sheets that way). I forgot I've also got BTZS tubes, a rip off as they are cheap welding rod storage tubes. :D Two or three years ago I...
  20. Ian Grant


    The second looks as though it would scratch the back of the sheet. I was thinking more like this Dallan tank for Stainless Steel. Ian