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  1. Swanky Pixels
    Swanky Pixels Leo Davut
    Hi Leo, defo interested. What would you take cash and I would collect? Do you have any lens?
  2. John Shiell
    John Shiell
    It's only been a year since I joined this forum and I must say the quality of your photographs are exceptional.
  3. KenS
    KenS Keith Haithwaite

    I had a 'pin stroke' a week ago and i am presently bing being held captive in one of the loclal rehab institutions and am now bored out of my skull
    "They don't think there is any permanent 'serious damage' but I am somewhat bored of being treated like an idiot who can't go for e pee without
    1. Keith Haithwaite
      Keith Haithwaite
      I'm so sorry to hear about this Ken. I know it must drive you to distraction beeigh incarcerated but please be guided by the medics and let them get you back in the forum as quick as possible.

      Take care my friend

      Sep 8, 2017
    2. KenS
      Sir Keith,
      I am now 'at home' but still feel little stifled. I'm still not allowed to go for short walk with the dog...unless She Who Must Be Obeyed comes along to make sure i don/t get 'lost' on the way arund the nearby 'small' park a two minute walk away...and maybe 25 to walk around... . but at least I get 'home cooked meals rather the 'institutional' type.

      Oct 9, 2017
  4. mpirie
  5. St.Alejandro
    I dont take photos I feel them. =]
  6. Sergio
    4x5 (soon also 8x10) shooter. Authorial phorography
  7. Mathieu Bauwens